Virtual measurement

When building Virtual Power Plant its crucial to build reliable measurement and accountancy layer for proper contracting and settlement of energy or services delivered from distributed group of actors. We add our blockchain layer on top of the measurement layer with smart contracts combining declared and delivered values. When tokenised the value of services can be collected, settled and redistributed to stakeholders according to upfront agreed algorithm called smart contract.

Efficiency tokenisation

District Heating systems suffer from small Delta T values, hard to refine without consent from the consumer. Providing the ability to count and combine Delta T degree hours and the flow size one can tokenise the impact of the end user and open up the way for bidirectional value exchange between  end users collecting tokens and system operator distributing financial bonuses from achieved benefits.

Electricity source certification

In power grid its almost impossible to trace the way of particular electric charge even for relatively small systems such as a prosumer simultaneously generating and consuming power.  Regardless of the size tokenised energy sent between actors can be tracked down to single bit avoiding double spending when one certificate is used twice to prove the origin. Furthermore for particular power generation site and its geolocation primary tokens are easily generated and counted with help of meteo data, limiting maximum available primary energy converted into the system. So the energy chain can be easily tracked from the sun and wind.

micro DSM/DSR

Currently micro-scale demand side management would be too cumbersome and expensive to be attractive neither for the consumer nor for the operator. When smart contracts enabled outlets switch and count minute delays of small  appliances the effects can be combined to large scale benefits in the distribution system. And as usually tokens are given in exchange aggregating to significant sums on the customer accounts. Even the customers suspecting unfair uneven distribution of such delays can easily check who-when-what in the transparent environment of distributed ledger.

Mutual insurance of power generation

Arbitrary group of energy producers can collect permiums in the shared account of smart contract provided with reliable predictions of their production according to geo and meteo data. When risk exhibits and particular production stops it becomes easy to evaluate losses and automatically pay the compensation.