Declarative billing

Declarative vs post factum

Declarative billing gives different meaning to the measurements depending on circumstances and declared intentions from your customers. With traditional post factum billing there is no way to charge different depending on changing circumstances.

We tokenize totally In&Out

We transform inputs, meter readings, analog data, performance, meteo, geo to tokens.

This way streams of tokens intercept with each other generating meaningful balances as the output. Now you can bill for a meaningful functions instead of raw kWh.

Energy packets

Having the ability to collect kWh separately for different sources, receivers, and conditions you can manage them as packets in delivery system, extending the product features. All within current infrastructure.

IoT and beyond

But there is more than this. You can enrich the operation nad circumstances with smart grid features. Outputs, relays, IoT and other controls are activated with the gate keepers – smart contracts -accepting certain actions from specific actors for a token.

Who are you?

We address our offer to energy distributors, power generation, and system operators, as well as to energy clusters, co-ops and municipal actors. If you are an entity interested in extending your product base beyond selling energy you might want consider our products.

What do we offer?

We use blockchain to energy supplied processes or IoT to convert current energy use pattern to a tradable value. The key is to open up your channels for customers offering their devices, to get orchestrated with others under your directory. From the ability to wait a few minutes for a coffee maker power supply, to the need for sharing risks from outage, no matter how small the contributions are when combined they grow to Virtual Power Plant size, or mutual insurance. All governed by smart contracts executed in blockchain. Of course there needs to be a box we call local node of blockchain connecting to the building installations, outlets or single IoT.

What do you get?

You reach the processes beyond the energy meter. You are empowered to help your customers to benefit from using your products, … but its is not limited to the pure energy. When coordinated simple even unconscious or random aspects of operations can build up to large process with value of its own or simply diminish as a noise in the system. By providing the platform to join the effort you offer the unique ability to contribute to new value creation.